Joe Fedele

Yoga found Joe after going through chemo-therapy for non-hodgkins lymphoma. As a lifelong athlete,  Joe began practicing to regain balance and to counter my strength and weight training. He was nervous at first since he didn't look like a typical yoga student and couldn't touch his toes. After his first practice he was hooked.  He aims to help every person be comfortable in their body and happy with where they are on the mat. Joe finds yoga as a relief for the pace and stress of the city and bri...

Now Booking Monday Morning Thai Massage in Harlem

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We might just be bringing Thai Massage to your neighborhood. If you are in NYC, need an therapeutic massage, and can get to the amazing Harlem Yoga Studio on 44 West 125th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10027 we want you to consider booking a session. Email for more details.

#PeoplesClimate March Brings Out The Masses

We made history on Sunday September 21, 2014! #PeoplesClimate march brought out over 310,000 people from all over the world. New York was not alone, over 150 countries participated in the climate march, demanding that world leaders recognize our desire for change. According to USA Today "Major companies, including Big Oil, will make pledges to help fight global warming by cutting their heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, protecting the world's forests and reducing methane leakage from ...