Surelis Hernandez

Sue Hernandez

What else is there to say about crazy- Surelis! Otherwise know as Sue is an extremely motivated and determined person while being super sweet and unique. When it comes to teaching Zumba she wants you to enjoy each step like your the star of the show. There is no wrong or right it’s just making sure you have fun.

Surelis comes from an athletic background playing varsity volleyball in middle and high school. Later moving on and joining the United States Army where among other priorities her physical awareness was increased.Sue! Creative Instructor

Surelis returned home and started with running local races when she left the military. There were many fitness outlets that she had tried including completing a couple of obstacles races including the Spartan Race.

Zumba has been the ultimate high for Surelis where it incorporates fitness and partying. Surelis teaches each class with passion, finesse and of course fitness. Each class you attend will make you be that star that just can’t stop and each goal is within reach.

Sue with the kids!

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