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We can all agree, the workplace is a different beast! It plays by different rules and each department or business has their own culture, no matter how crazy it is.

This is why we have the taken the time to learn both the politics that come with workplaces and the wants of various business systems.

Employees Vs Boss… is a  No! No! One person wins and another loses. The core of success takes team work, dedication, equality, and most of all… RESPECT!

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Boss and Employee deserve a Win/Win situation, one where the employer can show they care and the employee can enjoy the fruits of this kindness. Well almost like that anyway.

In the real world there are deadlines, stress, health care premiums, sick days, and it feels like there is never enough time.

By implementing a workplace program, brought to the actual workplace you are nailing the needle on the head.

Deadlines ~ Convenient and provides everyone with the ability to squeeze some peace of mind into the day.

Stress ~ Interferes with productivity and adds to chronic health issues.  Studies show, Meditation, Yoga, & Fitness me time help to decrease the onset of chronic related illness while increasing productivity.

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Health Care Premiums ~ Even the Affordable Health Care Act recognizes and rewards preventive care as a measure to combat costly health care.  Both employee and employer can reap the harvest of wellness sown on a regular basis.

Sick Days ~ Less actual sick days and hopefully less days taken off period. Studies have shown that when people like their place of employment they become more committed to the core values of the place they work. 8 hours a day is a long period of time with nothing to look forward to but… work… Technology companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Spotify embrace programs that reward inspired wild out of the box thinkers with some downtime. This downtime is like rejuvenation on steroids.. No pun intended!

Last but not leasty…

Time ~ There never seems to be enough. A class at the job means more time to dedicate to family, friends, and wine-down time. There are definitely people who love to hit the gym on their breaks and before, or after work, but even those who do will be grateful the option exists should they desire to invoke it.  On location fitness & mediation also promotes positive time with co-workers, managers, and bosses. In this room, everyone is able to let down their guard a little, get over minor frustrations, and respect each other in a mindful setting.

We have great affordable options that accommodate businesses and corporations of all sizes.

Rather than charge full price for a session we prefer to offer term-contracts,  rewarding long term contacts with a lower cost. Employee’s and freelancers can also pay a significantly discounted rate per class if they pay out of pocket. Our goal is to encourage as much participation as possible.

We also accommodate spaces of all sizes!!! Various types of Yoga & Fitness is tailored to your specific spacial needs.  Our instructors can even provide an awesome full body workout from the seats of the chairs in your office.

Call or email Rochelle to schedule a free assessment that includes a 20 minute class demo that everyone is welcome to participate in.

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