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Ankle weights accompanying yoga and Pilates pose (Periscope) Episode 12

Safely use ankle weights to help the body ease into yoga poses. You can also use ankle weights to accompany any physical activity (including biking and walking) to increase strength and give the body the extra push.

Live streamed through Periscope…

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Pilates & Yoga to Firm the Body w or w/o Weights Periscope Episode 11 

Properly structuring the body helps to increase pose effectiveness. Add weights to enhance the workout, doubling or even tripling your strength but to do so, poses have to be based on a solid foundation, formatting the body and using the best to get the most out of each targeted movement.

This video is a live stream through periscope. It explains key poses in detail and answers viewers questions.

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With Instructor Rochelle Leanne @rochelleleanne
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Plank Position Variations Beginner to Advanced – Episode 10 (Shoot for Periscope)

Fundamentals of plank should be applied anytime a plank position is used in Yoga or any workout of preference. These include breathing, proper alignment, set up, and knowing when to use your modification to assist the push up to get the most of its use both physically and mentally.

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With Instructor Rochelle Leanne @rochelleleanne

Balancing Poses Yay! Step by Step Advancement in Yoga – (Reshoot) Periscope Episode 9

Do not fear balancing poses! Step by step you can advance your Yoga practice with these standing balancing poses.

Modify as you wish but just get up and try.

These poses not only help to build physical strength but also inner strength, stamina, and mental clarity.


Tree Pose
Warrior 3
Half Moon
Standing Bow

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Alternatives to Your Everyday Sit up

Your average sit up can lack the feeling of fulfillment. Try these alternatives to maximize your core work. Use alone or in combination with other exercises.

Instructor Rochelle Leanne of Creative Mindz Yoga
@mindzyoga instagram/twitter/periscope

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Yoga for Core Strength

Build core strength with simple techniques and yoga poses that will tone, strengthen, and alleviate back body tension.


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Do not be afraid to challenge yourself… Tree pose may seem difficult but we have 3 common modifications that will allow you to master each level step by step.

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Yoga Fundamentals for your Favorite Workout using Brazailian ButtLift as an example- Periscope 

Incorporating basic Yoga techniques to help keep your favorite workout safe, effective, and productive.

1 Movement & Breathe
2 Finding Rhythm to target Core Muscles
3 Effort placed into Alignment

This video is a little choppy, we re-shot this video and placed it here on Youtube as well!!! Check them both out to get the most of the this tutorial.



@mindzyoga – Twitter/Periscope/Instagram
Instructor @rochelleleanne



Our firsCreative Mindz Yogat Yoga video on Periscope TV.

Morning Yin Yoga

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Body Movement and Yoga from my home here in Brooklyn NY, US…

Feeling the need to move a little more during your Yoga workout? Use this video to provide your Yoga class with a little extra rotations, revolutions, and movements that are not considered your typical Yoga.

We invite you to explore your body! Do it from home… We are doing it from our small Brooklyn Walk-up (You can definetly get started where ever you are!)

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The Amazing background music playing

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Alleviate Carpal Tunnel Symptoms and stiffness in the wrists with instructor Rochelle Leanne of Creative Mindz Yoga.

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Live sun salutation broadcast on periscope with Rochelle Leanne of Creative Mindz Yoga.

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