#PeoplesClimate March Brings Out The Masses

We made history on Sunday September 21, 2014!

#PeoplesClimate march brought out over 310,000 people from all over the world. New York was not alone, over 150 countries participated in the climate march, demanding that world leaders recognize our desire for change.

According to USA Today “Major companies, including Big Oil, will make pledges to help fight global warming by cutting their heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, protecting the world’s forests and reducing methane leakage from fossil fuel production.”

The people of the world, especially the children hope to experience these changes.  Companies have to do more than talk just as each one of us has to take responsibly for our own actions. The climate march was as much about the world leaders and big companies making concrete changes as it was about bringing awareness to the power each one of us has to be the change we wish to ignite.  All of us coming together to with a common goal of making the God given earth a livable place for ourselves, children, children’s children and generations to come.

Bottom line #WeAreAllInThisOneTogether

There is only one planet earth and yes, we must all share it.

Your voice counts, my voice counts, their voice counts!!!

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Soon to come, a short documentary behind the scenes of the historic march. Sure to be powerful, empowering, and inspiring.

Please join the continued effort to bring about change.

Just a few ideas of what each one of us can do today:

#SolarPower & #AlternativeEnergySources







#TakeABagWithYou #Reuse





#Smile & #ShareLove

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