Thank you so much for choosing to honor and care for your body. Below are the recordings from Chair  Yoga with Creative Mindz Yoga, made possible by Penn South Program for Seniors
Penn South Chair Yoga by Creative Mindz Yoga - Core Strength
This chair yoga class focused on building core strength. We held half lift flat back's and chair pose for a period of time.
Focus was placed on the core as we engaged deeply in each flow. Matching breath to movement. This class can also help to alleviate lower back tension.
Do the class a few times a week to get the most out of it. Feel free to like and share with others.
May 15th - Penn South Chair Yoga with Creative Mindz Yoga - Flow and Twists
Join us for a gentle chair yoga flow class, filled with gentles twists, stretching, and breath-work.
May 8th Penn South Chair Yoga with Creative Mindz Yoga - Flow and Twists 
This Chair Yoga class will help you to loosen lower back stiffness, reduce pain with gentle twists, and get your energy up with a series of flows.
Penn South Chair Yoga with Creative Mindz Yoga - May 1 - Embracing the Pause
We focused on using the pause in-between each breath to help guide our movements. This practice also includes double the flows while embracing holding the poses longer.
Penn South Chair Yoga with Creative Mindz Yoga - April 24 - Relax and Reduce Stress
This class focuses on connecting body movements to your breath. Through out the practice you will relax the full body from the crown of the head to the tips of your toes. These lite movements will also help you to reduce stress. You can do this video daily to build strength in your body and develop a deeper sense of peace of mind.
Chair Yoga - Friday April 17th
This class is the recording from Friday April 17th. The class includes a light flow, with stretching, meditation, and breathe work.
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