Meditation class is held at 10:30am Monday-Friday
Share with anyone you think may benefit from 20-30 minutes of meditation and stretching.
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Explore Comfort and Discomfort Meditation - Calm Waters
This meditation uses visual cues to explore feelings of comfort and discomfort. Shaken waters are first acknowledged. Then breath work calms the water by focusing on its flow. Use this meditation to heal or experience a sense of having control.
Gentle Care Meditation with 3 Poses - Discern Your Rocks
This meditation helps to clear your mind. It combines a 30 breath cycle self guided body scan with gentle breath-work. Upon reflecting back, notice were your attention goes. You will have both big rocks and pebbles that will shift shape, color, and size over the course of the meditation. Though out this, you will continue to just be, unaffected by the rocks.
Free Your Mind - BreathWork Meditation with 3 Poses
Incorporate this meditation into your daily practice to clear your mind. The breath-work offered will help you to align your breath with your thoughts.
Nurture Release and Soften - 30 Minute Meditation & Breathwork

Begin this meditation with a short body scan. Cues help you connect to your senses; sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell.
Next, notice a dominate feeling in the body from the scan. Once you see it or feel it, place a hand on the body part to help you nurture this experience. We then introduce the pleasant to intentionally focus on the area.
Thereafter, guided breathe-work focuses on nurturing the body with each in breath. Then releasing and softening on the out breath to release toxins.
For the duration of class, continue to breath steady to the count of ten. This will help you to nurture the pleasant and positive energy so that it expands and soften the dominate feeling. 
Nurture Pleasant Feelings - Meditation for Positive Energy
Begin this meditation with a self guided body scan. Cues help you connect to your senses; sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell. Next, guided breathe-work assists you in adopting a natural rhythm to reduce anxiety.
Thereafter, notice something pleasant that you are experiencing. Once you see it or feel it, place a hand on the body part to help you nurture this experience. For the duration of class, continue to breath steady.
This will help you to nurture the pleasant and positive energy so that it expands.
Listen to Your Thoughts - 30 Minute Gratitude BodyScan Meditation
This meditation starts off with cues to help you relax the body. We then transition to cultivating a sense of gratitude with breath-work. The final part of the practice counts the number of thoughts that appear during a body scan.
Listen as a Friend BodyScan Meditation - Embrace Being Yourself
This meditation practices the art of friendship. We start by cultivating an idea about what friendship looks like, considering what it is like to be a friend. Then we use this sense of being a friend to listen to each part of our body.
This act of friendship is empathic, and non-judgmental. Be open to any thoughts or feelings the body shares. The process of listening does mean you consent or accept the story your body is telling. The process of listening only acknowledges that you hear the experience shared.
Listening Body Scan Meditation
Listening body scan is a guided practice that will help you listen to your body. Over time you can break habitual judgements and thoughts about your body that do not serve your best interest or help you fulfill your purpose.
Having Meditation -Use the Breathe to Receive and Let Go
This meditation uses a body scan to cultivate a sense of having and letting go of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Realizing you are the container that holds these experiences.
The experience is part of you not but not your identity.
Overtime, ruminations and racing thoughts will subside. Little by little their power will fade as this understanding develops.
Train your Mind- Body Scan Meditation
This body scan meditation helps you to identify first impressions and thoughts that come up during the body scan process. These thoughts can come in the form of judgments, opinion, imagery, colors, impressions, i.e. but if left untrained can sometimes trigger a series of other thoughts to emerge (both related and unrelated) as does happen with racing thoughts or rumination patterns. With practice you will see that you are the container that holds a vast array of changing experiences, beliefs, impressions i.e. which are NOT your identity.
Mountain Meditation - Journey into your Inner Strength
This meditation combines a series of visual cues of a Mountain and breath cues to help you embody inner strength.
Mountain Meditation - Change Your Perspective
This meditation uses visual cues representative of a mountain from base to the peak. We follow the changing perspective with a body scan, being fully aware and present though out the practice. Any unpleasant feelings are listened, welcomed and then placed in the river to wash away. The changing perspective helps us to see we are a vast body with dynamic life unfolding, we can let go of anxiety, stress, or pain that distracts us and instead, focus on the fullness of our lives and bodies.
Mountain Meditation Building Foundation and Inner Strength
Mountain Meditation focuses on strengthening your inner foundation through detailed imagery, awareness, and recognizing your inner worth. This will help you to build a tough skin and accept the fact that the body, emotions, and thoughts changes over time. It is a beautiful life cycle.
Gratitude Body Scan Meditation
This body scan meditation is helpful for reconnecting with your full body from the feet to the head, in a space of gratitude and appreciation.
Ocean Meditation - Being a Friend to Self
This meditation is ideal for shifting your attention to focus on the good, the pleasurable, the positive liking emotions and physical sensations you are experiencing. Many times we do not celebrate these experiences which revive us! It is important to embrace these moments and share in these moments with yourself as you would share the best thing that ever happened in your life to your closest friend. 
Ocean Meditation to Soothe Emotional and Physical Stress
This meditation will help you to deal with a specific feeling whether physical or emotional, that is uncomfortable, stressful, or painful. Sometimes just sitting with these emotions and sensations will help them to diminish. Ocean meditation also offers various imagery cues to assist with the process of diminishing the strong hold these feelings can sometimes have on us.
Ocean Meditation to Deal with Uncomfortable Feelings
This is a good meditation to help you deal with uncomfortable feelings in the body, uncomfortable thoughts, and emotions. When we learn to sit with experiences that feel out of place rather than avoid these experiences, resist them, or hyper focus on them, we can take back out power by shifting the amount of attention and the quality of attention given to reduce the experiences pull and push effect. 
Practice the Art of Acting Instead of Reacting Mindful Meditation - ADD

This meditation invites you to practice action instead of reaction though the use of breath cues, body awareness, and training your attention.
Rethink Dominate Thoughts Meditation - Three Poses
This meditation practice uses your attention to deal with dominate  thoughts and uses gentle awareness to soften around emotional pull.  Instead of avoiding dominate thoughts we embrace them.
Of the three  poses offered, Tree Pose shifts our thinking about those things which captivate  our minds. Using the breath we breath into any imbalance by inviting our  playful side to be part of our practice. We also did a count your  thought exercise as proof that at any given time, there are many  thoughts in our mind but dominate ones do exist and it is better to  soften around them than avoid them.
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