Not Designed With One Human In Mind

Creative Mindz Yoga Rochelle Leanne Creative Mindz Photo By Kim of Auroa Arts (i)offers a unique perspective on health, wellness, and staying fit!!! We invite people to #ThinkOutsideTheBox when it comes to staying healthy. We believe everyone can successfully develop their own Yoga practice. By empowering and challenging students, our uniquely mixed classes become a unique chamber of self exploration, relaxation, and achievement.  Everyone walks away ready to conquer the world!

We are a mobile when it comes to helping our clients engage in services provided, providing Independent Contractors for Studio’s, Work Sites, Residential Facilities, Medical Offices, Managing Yoga & Fitness Pop Ups, Events, Workshops, Making House Calls and traveling to our clients, sometimes across states.

We understand, not everything is for everybody, everyday.

We creatively engage each student in ways unique to them by offering modifications, a variety of classes & instructors, dynamic class settings, and managing the mood with accessories, music, lighting, and aromatherapy (when requested).

In addition, we offer Thai Massage sessions which are great for healing the body in so many ways!!!

Your idea of fitness is our command. We do everything in our power to meet your idea and vision of what fitness should be like for you as an individual or the group you leave in our care. We have a high regard for our students and make every attempt possible to understand their needs.

Creative Mindz Yoga is not designed with one human in mind, therefore it is a pleasure to accommodate:

  • One on one, you and your instructor focus on multiple but specific goals.  Working with an instructor one on one will help you develop sustainable habits that can last a lifetime. Proper structure, alignment, and conditioning of the body establish a foundation that will propel the process of maintaining good health through exercise, eaTEEN YOGA CLASSting right, and making disciplined lifestyle choices. You do not even have to leave your home to receive these services and they are 100 percent confidential.
  • Group settings establish a fun way to engage in exercise. Peers make the best teachers sometimes. Naturally group settings are made up of different dynamics and experience levels so it is imperative that your instructor offers modifications.  The benefits of group settings is phenomenal and may be the preferred choice for many organizations, community centers, studios, and you. Yes that’s right! You can set up your own private group class in any space you wish.

There are many other options and choices when it comes to working with people. We pride ourselves on Thinking Outside The Box when it comes to fitness making classes unique, fun, and designed with you in mind.

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