On-location class for Health Fair on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York held by Shiloh SDA Church. We provided 1 hour+ of fitness classes plus #ripurmindz t shirts with shredding assistance and instructor availability pre-and post event for questions.

With Mindz instructors Michelle and Sue


Sitting Yoga –Decrease Back Pain While Realigning Your Spine 

The one thing most of us do daily is sit… Years of prolonged hunching, squeezing, crossing legs, and tension exerted in the belly may have lead to serious pain in your back body and even mental distress.

Now more than ever we sit… at home, work, in the car, on the train, on the bus… you name it. Now lets replace those old habits with new ones to reverse the damage done by sitting improperly?

This simple Yoga techniques when used daily will assist in creating new alignment patterns and habits in your spine while releasing stress harbored in your gut.

Try to cue yourself with reminders though-out the day to re-position the body.


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Featuring Albarose ‘Poppy” Idera as student subject


Quick Hip & Psoas Muscle Stretches

Experiment with these various hip and psoas muscle stretches for a more flexible lower body and relaxed mind with instructor Rochelle Leanne of Creative Mindz Yoga.

These stretches help to alleviate lower back tension, stressed IT Bands, and other constrained lower body issues.


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Full Yoga Practice for stiff neck and tight shoulders Creative Mindz Yoga Style 

Tight ‪#‎shoulders? Use the full hour online ‪#‎YouTube ‪#‎yoga video to help you feel like a new person. We combined ‪#‎warmup‬ poses ‪#‎yogaposes‬ ‪#‎Pilates and ‪#‎mediation to loosen the tight neck ‪#‎muscles… Special Thanks for the ‪#‎tshirt‬ @thereal_top ‪#‎TriumphOverPoverty‬

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Background Music On YouTube: 3 Hour Reiki Healing Music: Chakra Balance, Relaxing Music. Meditation Music, Calming Music ☯1011

Strengthen Your Morning Workout

Strengthen your heart, mind and body with this workout… You can do this workout first thing in the morning to awaken the senses and muscles or any time in the day to build strength.

WARNING: You will learn to experience tolerance, patience, and peace even in unpredictable circumstances.

-There is construction going on outside my house for the past year and 1/2… this noise does, come into the video but the workout and self develop outweighs its interference.

Yoga helps us to handle all circumstances while we learn to control internally regardless of what our external circumstances maybe.

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5 Minute Serenity Meditation Moment

Replay as many times as you wish… Sit in lotus, lay in Savasna or chose to meditate in any of your favorite Yoga poses while experiencing the natural earth.

Enjoy Yoga & Nature… Our 15 sec snippet of how relaxing combining the two can get!

5 Minute Meditation and Breath Work with instructor Rochelle Leanne of Creative Mindz Yoga!

Morning Sequence!!! Enjoy (Formerly Fitness Yoga Works)


Challenge yourself a little!! Join us for a 3 MINUTE Non-Stop Yoga Flow.

Videographer Rachel Neal www.facebook.com/RachelNealphoto


Check out a 15 minute Fitness Yoga routine & info BLOG about Turmeric!!  Try, Like, Share, & Subscribe 🙂 Thank You all So Much!!! Enjoy!

Videographer: Poppy Idera

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