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Rochelle Leanne Creative Mindz Photo By Kim of Auroa Arts (i)

Rochelle ‘Leanne’ White

Rochelle is the owner of Creative Mindz Yoga, a boutique women owned mobile fitness studio. She holds a 200 hour certificate as a Yoga teacher and is a certified Thai Massage Practitioner. Her company supports various types of exercise routines to appeal to her dynamic student populations. Creative Mindz Yoga was developed as a way to bring wellness classes to groups of people, some of which would find going to a fitness studio of any kind a difficult task. By offering services on-location, class’s price points are affordable, classes are accessible, and can run in multiple locations at one time. In many cases, Creative Mindz Yoga services take the burden off of organizations offering wellness and fitness classes because Creative Mindz handles tasks associated with payment, paperwork, supplying substitute teachers, managing instructor contracts, insurance, and hiring process.

Rochelle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Health with over 11 years of previous field experience working with children, teens, and adults with mental, behavioral, and emotional issues in various settings. She has a Master’s in Business Administration with over 9 years business ownership experience.  Her mission is to simply empower others, challenge others, and to encourage people to reach for their dreams.



Sue Hernandez


Sue is an extremely motivated and determined person while being super sweet and unique. When it comes to teaching Zumba she wants you to enjoy each step like your the star of the show. There is no wrong or right it’s just making sure you have fun.

Surelis comes from an athletic background playing varsity volleyball in middle and high school. Later moving on and joining the United States Army where among other priorities her physical awareness was increased.

Surelis retuned home and started with running local races when she left the military. There were many fitness outlets that she had tried including completing a couple of obstacles races including the Spartan Race.

Zumba has been the ultimate high for Surelis where it incorporates fitness and partying. Surelis teaches each class with passion, finesse and of course fitness. Each class you attend will make you be that star that just can’t stop and each goal is within reach.





Yoga found Joe after going through chemo-therapy for non-hodgkins lymphoma. As a lifelong athlete,  Joe began practicing to regain balance and to counter my strength and weight training. He was nervous at first since he didn’t look like a typical yoga student and couldn’t touch his toes. After his first practice he was hooked.  He aims to help every person be comfortable in their body and happy with where they are on the mat. Joe finds yoga as a relief for the pace and stress of the city and brings a relaxed, fun vibe to classes.

Joe completed his intensive yoga teacher training in a remote retreat center in Hawai’i. He believes in living life to the fullest, bringing a positive and open mind to the world every day, and wants to share the practice and benefits of yoga with everyone.


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