Drop In Meditation - 6 Minutes
Mindful Bases Stress Reduction Body Scan - 27 Minutes
Please note you can do the Meditation either sitting up right or laying down. You can also sit up right with something propped against your back or in lotus pose. Your choice. Enjoy! 
25 Minute Sitting Meditation with emphasis on the body.
S.T.O.P. - Informal/Formal Meditation 5 Minutes with Instruction
Focus Meditation - 7 Minutes
Soften Soothe Allow Meditation -13 Minutes
Turning Towards Meditation - 19 Minutes
Brief Acknowledgement Meditation
Felt Sense Meditation
Gratitude Meditation
Ocean Meditation
Aliveness Meditation
This short meditation is combined with light breath work. Hopefully, you can master it, making meditation in general part of your day!
8 min meditation for purpose and wisdom with guidance from your breathe.
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