The meditations below are part of the self driven M.A.P. Personal Development program. A core principal of the practice is to apply mindfulness into as many aspects of one’s life as possible. Mindfulness is not to get confused with meditation. Formal meditation is a vehicle to help you practice becoming more mindful over time. It is suggested you dedicate time to self-study, research, and consider finding ways to expand your practice even further, beyond this program!
For many, young and old, believe that mindfulness is unattainable, separate from anything they have ever experienced. The truth is that you can access mindful by learning how to live in the present moment. It takes practice and dedication. Allow yourself to get through each theme thoughtfully. There are activities, handouts, exercises, and reflection questions at the end of each section to get you to thinking about furthering your practice and consider ways to adopt into more aspects of your life daily. A private journal can be used to document the feelings associated with practice in place of the informal calendars and formal journal sheets provided in the *manual. If you are taking the 8 week in person course, your M.A.P. facilitator will provide you access to these materials.
*You do not need the manual to practice these meditations. With or without the manual, commit to one theme a week at a minimum but it can take longer and you should take all the time you need. If you do not have a license for the manual consider journaling to jot down you feelings (body, mental, emotional) before, during, after, and upon reflection.
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Theme One
    Theme: Awareness

Body Scan Description: The body scan meditation is a grounding meditation to bring attention to awareness of the full body and five senses.
Body Scan Meditation
- 5 Minute Mp3
Body Scan Meditation
- 9 Minute Mp3
Body Scan Meditation
- 12 Minute Mp3
Long Body Scan Meditation
- 30 Minute Sound Cloud
Theme Two
    Theme: Meditation and Brain Functioning

Sitting Meditation Description: Reconnects the ‘self’ to the present by anchoring to the breath.
- 29 Minutes
Theme Three
    Theme: Reshaping the Mind

Focus Meditation Description: Setting an intention to focus on with visualization and awareness cues.  
- 7 Minutes          
Informal Gratitude Meditation: Intentionally helps reduce the power habitual cycles by learning how to focus on attitude of gratitude.
-3 Minutes
Theme Four:
    Theme: Understanding Stress

Mindful Yoga Description: Series of body poses unified with breath. Many different types. Reduces Stress.
- 27 Minutes
One Minute Breathing Space Description: Used anywhere to turn off autopilot and be in the present moment.
- 5 Minutes
Theme Five:
    Theme: Inner Relationship Focusing

Ocean Meditation Description: This is a compassionate meditation uses a visual representation of the ocean and waves to redefine perspectives and experiences that cause stress, anxiety and discomfort. 
- 15 minutes
Sooth, Soften, and Allow Description: Identify discomfort and focuses on it for a period of time. Breath-work softens, relaxes and loosens the pressure that accompanies it. Validate our feelings with compassion, and bring something pleasant into awareness to acknowledge both pleasant and unpleasant can co-exist.
- 13 minutes
Turning Towards Meditation helps to gently deal with painful emotions and/or physical pain by recognizing both pleasant and unpleasant co-exist in a greater, vast world.
- 19 minutes
Aliveness Meditation: Taps into noticing the full experience of being alive in the present moment
- 3 minutes
Felt Sense Meditation: Guided meditation tapping into your senses about a feeling with acknowledgement, giving it liberty to be what it is with your attachment or judgment, and listen to soften its pressure.
- 8 Minutes
Brief Acknowledgement Meditation: Guided meditation to listen to your inner emotional voice rather than suppress feelings that maybe difficult or uncomfortable.
- 10 Minutes
Informal One Moment at a Time Meditation: Cope with any situation that you could be facing.
- 3 minutes
Theme Six:
    Theme: Mindful Communication

Lake Meditation Description: Combines visual cues with breath-work and sense awareness to increase  tolerance. The lake metaphorically identifies the relationship ‘within’ in contrast to the external environment.
-Coming Soon
Mountain Meditation Description: Combines visual cues, breath-work, body, and sense awareness to build strength. The mountain metaphorically remains ‘still’ despite seasonal and weather changes. We are unmoved by thoughts, feelings, or by public perception.
-Coming Soon
Voice Mediation Description:  Intentional meditation is used to build confidence in finding your voice.
-Coming Soon
Theme Seven:
    Theme: Mindfulness and Compassion

Loving Kindness Mediation Description: Uses imagery, self-talk, and breath-work to send ‘well wishes’ to loved ones, ourselves, and to people we may not personally know but have empathy or respect for.
- 10 Minutes

Theme Eight:
    Theme: Mindful Service and Community

Silent Meditation Description: No verbal cues or direction besides the striking of a singing bowl. It is structured to support listening your inner voice. Build self-trust, and ultimate self-awareness.
- 8 Minutes
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