Churches Offering Free Yoga and Aerobics to the Community

In Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Department of Health, Churches, and Creative Mindz Yoga are teaming up for the next few months to provide Yoga and Aerobics classes to various Church sites in Brooklyn and New York.  The community is welcome to participate in classes at NO Cost!  Classes run from the end of March 2017 till June 30th, 2017!


For more information or attend please email the coordinator of the church listed.


Sites for no cost Yoga and Aerobics listed below: 

  • 1.Concord Baptist Church
    Chair Yoga Tuesdays @ 12:30-1:30pm and Mat Yoga Friday evenings @ 6:30 pm
    833 Gardner Taylor Blvd Brooklyn, NY, 11216
    A/C to Nostrand or G to Bedford
    Jonathan Tennial
  • 2. Unity East Church
    Chair Yoga Monday 7-8 and Thursdays 7-8 (4/13th – no class)
    1901 Beverly road Brooklyn, NY , 11226
    Q to Beverly Road
    Hazel Cyrus
  • 3. Mt. Zion 7th Day Church
    Aerobics Thursdays, 6pm-7pm
    2/5 Church Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11203
    203 E. 37th Street
    Pastor Gilford Monrose


  • 4. Bethel SDA Church
    Yoga Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 and Aerobics Tuesdays 6:30-7:30
    457 Grand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238
    “S or C to Franklyn Ave or c to Clinton Ave”
    Debora Mcclain


  • 5. Berean Baptist
    Yoga Wednesday 5:45-6:45
    1641 Bergen Brooklyn, NY, 11213
    Street A/C to Ralph Ave/Utica or 3/4/5 to Utica
    Dr Blackett-Bonnett

  • 6. First Spanish United Methodist Church
    Enter on 111st st entrenance
    Yoga Wednesdays 10am-11am
    163 E 111th St Manhattan, NY 10029
    6 to 110th
    Dr. Nancy Ayala


  • 7. Mt. Hebron
    Yoga 11-12pm Wednesday
    167 Chester Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212
    3 to Rockway Station or L to Sutter
    David Moses
  • 8. God’s Battalion  of Prayer Church
    Yoga Tuesdays & Wednedays 6-7
    661 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY, 11203
    2/5 Winthrop Street
    Linette Cockfield


  • 9. St. John’s Baptist Church
    Core Strength Yoga Thursday and Mondays 6pm -7pm
    448 W 152nd St NY (Manhattan btw amerstadam and St Nicholas Ave), 10031
    C to 155
    Dr. Lisa Matthews

Full Article of Voice of NY



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