Meditation class will be held at 10:30am each Monday-Friday starting March 18th until April 29th. The number of classes will increase base on demand.
Share with anyone you think may benefit from 20-30 minutes of meditation and stretching.

10:30 – 11:00am
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Meeting ID: 684 456 247
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Donations are appreciated but not necessary to attend. Everyone is welcome! To make a donation please click HERE or on our Patreon account.
If you can not attend but would still like to meditate please visit the M.A.P. Meditations tab. Email Rochelle for more information: rochelle (at) creativemindzyoga (dot) com
Mindful Meditation to Cultivate Attention
Cultivate a greater awareness with practice. Focus on the enhancing the quality of your attention for longer moments.
Meditation Pain and Pleasant
This meditation is used to soften any pain you may be experiencing. Using intention to help build your quality of attention, using your breath, and easing the suffering with compassion and love.
Meditation - Relationship to self and community in space
Notice yourself as part of the larger picture while anchoring into the present and pleasantness.
Mindful Based Stress Reduction Meditation Anchor into the Pleasant in the Present
Take a few moments to find the pleasant in your present life. Learn how to anchor into your breath to feel appreciation, beauty, and confidence which can help pleasantness to emerge.
Pleasant Focus Mindful Meditation - April 1
Body scan meditation intentionally focuses on pleasantness within the body, mind, and emotions.
Sitting Healing Meditation
Focus on breathing moment by moment. We breath into uncomfortability to  soften and intentionally use our awareness for healing.
Pleasant Focus Mindful Meditation and Prayer (Christian)
In this meditation we focus on the pleasantness in our bodies and emotions. The prayer at the end is a Christian prayer that considers all the infirmities that Paul went through according to scripture, knowing that God's grace is sufficient despite these. In-fact Paul explained that he was glad to have these because it was for the purpose of doing God's will--building a foundation for the church. Will will arise from this situation but we must focus on faith and also appreciate the pleasantness is still in our lives.
Gratitude Mindful Meditation - March 27
In your minds eye focus on what gratitude means to you! Share this experience with yourself and the world you are connected to. This meditation helps you to refocus on the strength and power that comes from an attitude of gratitude.
Compassion Mindful Meditation - March 26
This meditation focuses on self compassion.
Online Meditation - Zoom Wednesday March 18th
Virtual Mindful Meditation and Lite Stretch March 23rd
Grounding Meditation for Peace, Confidence and Security - Zoom March 24
In times of uncertainty we can set an example for others by remaining grounded. Our peace and confidence will have a rippling effect on others who we come in contact with both virtually and in our house holds. This meditation is to help you anchor in mindfulness and be in the present moment with peace, confidence and security.
Lite Yoga Stretch and Body Scan Meditation - 30 minutes
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