Healthy, Happy Diet… So Cliche

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Many of us both young and old, male or female, have decided at one point or another it was time to make a change in our diets. Although some people practice this in attempt to improve conditions of health, sleep, energy, etc., the common motivation as we all know is weight loss.

A lot of the time, weight loss is approached in dangerous and noneffective ways in order to achieve rapid results. We’ve all heard of diets that work and the minute they are done the extra weight and possible problems accompanying it returns.This is not only due to reverting back to old habits, but because the initial mindset at the beginning of the process is that it that the dieting is only temporary.

For example, if someones habit is to consume high levels of salt, sugar, and fat all while overeating and not getting any exercise, and then they tell themselves that in order to lose 15 pounds they will go on a vegan diet for two months. It has the potential for great results, but it’s shelf life is short if the diet isn’t continued and it almost seems like its not worth it. During that period of dedicated focus on eating a healthier diet, some people may feel as though they are losing their minds with their endless cravings and this is why going on a diet rarely has a long term result.

Most of us become addicted to certain foods and if we diet for two month whilst daydreaming about ice cream and hamburgers it becomes a problem, because the first thing you’ll do when you’re done with your diet is eat everything the pleasure center in your mind has been calling out to.

The key to an effective “diet” is to make your “diet” your diet. This new lifestyle change shouldn’t be one where you deprive yourself of the foods you love and eat plain raw kale (unless of course you want to, it’s very good for you), but to manage you’re portions well and incorporate better foods into your diet so you wean off of foods you believe are harmful to your body.

Here are some tips on how to improve your eating habits so you won’t feel the urge to start pulling your hair out and you achieve healthy results:

1. Smaller Portions. Most weight loss companies use this in order to get their customers to lose weight and in most cases this is the most effective. That’s why we always hear about people losing weight on a diet consisting of Twinkies or Fruit Loops, though it is unhealthy due to the lack of nutrients among other things, quantities play the largest role. The best way to lower your portion size, is to eat with a smaller plate. When we grab our food we naturally fill up our plates and we eat everything on them, thinking that full is at the end of the plate. The truth is that we don’t need to eat the large quantities that we do, and by getting small plates its easier for your brain to become accustomed to this new habit and your stomach organ to shrink. Also, chewing more will help your brain realize your stomach is full.

2. Don’t Deprive Yourself. Once your body gets adjusted to eating smaller quantities and feeling satisfied, which can be a short or long process depending on the person, it becomes a habit you can maintain for life. This method can transfer to the foods you enjoy that may not be the healthiest. If you can find a better alternative that makes you feel just as satisfied, even better!  The best method is to have the treat you enjoy in moderation.

3. Practice Some Form of Exercise. If you have an unhealthy diet, exercising regularly may help you maintain a regular metabolism, but as for weight loss…probably not so much. For example, running… you would have to run about 20  miles in order to lose just one pound! Exercises like running, walking, yoga, and bicycling will help to improve health and metabolism.

Exercising in tandem with a healthy proportional diet is a great to manage weight loss and maintain positive results, as well as assisting in improved mobility, stress deduction, activeness, blood pressure and health.

Recipe: Salad, Chicken, and Brown Rice

~Salad. Dressing: 1 Tbsp. of Olive Oil, 1.5-2 Tbsp. of Balsamic Vinaigrette. 3 Handfuls of Baby Romaine (or any salad of your choice).

~Brown Rice.   1 Cup of Rice. Salt lightly or none if preferred or for medical reasons. Optional, when finished steaming, squeeze lime or lemon juice.

~Chicken. Preheat oven 375 degrees. About 1 or 2 small portioned Chicken Breasts or Drumsticks. Rinse. Season lightly with Salt. Season with a Creole Spice mix and Cayenne pepper, the amount is according to taste. Bake for an hour.

*To make juice. Remove chicken from baking dish. Scrape and mix the chicken flavor and juices; add water if needed. Heat in oven                                   for 5 minutes at the same temperature.

When finished with the preparations, eat the salad. Four or so heaping spoonfuls of rice. One portion of chicken. This is all relative portioning, adjust if need be.

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