Meditation class is held at 10:30am Monday-Friday
Share with anyone you think may benefit from 20-30 minutes of meditation and stretching.
Donations are appreciated but not necessary to attend.
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Lake Meditation for Calm Waters
Lake meditation helps us to calm our senses, minds, and bodies.

Meditation to Reduce Ego - Get Out Your Own Way
This meditation helps you to honestly understand your wants and desires and then reduce the pull of the ego so you can get out your own way. It is a practice to learn to accept that your desires and wants can take the wheel with out you needing to control every outcome. 

Aliveness BreathWork Meditation- Build Confidence And Increase Relaxation
Aliveness meditation gives the body permission to relax through BreathWork. You can be fully confident in each breathe cycles being complete so that it contributes to being alive right now. That is something to feel grateful for! 🙏❤️
As with all meditations you are welcome to pray! As you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude we can give God the glory, knowing something greater outside ourselves gives us this opportunity for life and that all parts of our body, mind, emotions and the world around us support this human experience.

Meditation to Reduce Suffering and Pain - Turning Toward
This meditation turns towards painful or uncomfortable emotions and body pains with gentle breath, compassion and kindness. It eases us closer to things we may want to avoid but allowing ourselves the permission to accept whatever is present with openness. This meditation is not to fix but to allow you to experience your humanness without any strings attached.

Mindful Trust and Support BodyScan Meditation
This meditation helps to re-establish awareness around trust and support by using a bodyscan.

Heart Meditation - Smile to Your Heart
This mindful meditation gives you time and space to connect to the heart, listen, pray, and acknowledge what is being said with your beautiful smile. 😊
Non-Doing Mindful Meditation - Accepting the Present
This meditation focuses on the value of Non-Doing. Use it to help you relax and let go of the need to control, shift, or change the way things are in the present moment.

Heart Mind and Body Meditation - Describe Observe Focus On Gratitude
This meditation helps you to check in with your heart, mind, and body. Observing the emotions and sensations that come up honestly and describing them without a need to 'attach' to them or to 'fix' them. Lastly we focus on gratitude until the close of class. Gratitude helps us to notice things that we 'have' but overlook.

Lake Meditation for Acceptance and Self Discovery
Lake meditation helps with self acceptance, discovery, and understanding.    

Stillness Meditation to Restore and Relax
This meditation is to help you relax and be still. Slowing down and recovering.
BodyScan Meditation to Increase Self Trust
This meditation focuses on trust. Trust comes from within. If you learn to trust yourself fully, it will help you to trust others and listening to them with an open heart. A sense of trust also helps you to discern matters of the heart when dealing with people. 

Meditation to Deal with Self Doubt - I See U * I Hear U *
This meditation acknowledges the body part by part with an intentional body scan. Your breathe helps focus while offering your time to listen... truly listen to what each part of your body is telling you.   
The last part of class deals with the ego and self doubt. The doubt is not erased but acknowledged with love and compassion and encouragement.    
BreathWork Meditation for Listening Within and Trusting Self
Meditation for developing inner trust without succumbing to the need to fix or change things. Simply making peace with whatever comes up and using the breath in an intentional focused way to expand self trust.
BodyScan Meditation for Trust - Increase Your Confidence
This meditation uses a bodyscan with a sense of trust exercised through breathwork. Trust is a process. Practice this meditation a few times and in time your self-trust should expand. In the least you will become more self aware about what blocks it. When you trust yourself, confidence will increase over time.
Meditation for Self Love and Trust
This is an essential meditation to build self love and trust.  
Self Love BodyScan Meditation - Love Every Part of You
This meditation is used to increase self love. The mantra I love... is used with each part of the body scanned during the practice. It is important to love yourself. Every part of you!
Unique Purpose BodyScan Meditation to Increase Awareness
This is an awareness building meditation. A guided BodyScan helps to identify each part of the body, it’s uniqueness, function, and purpose. It is important to acknowledge and tap into the power of your body, mind, and spirit.
Meditations like these help people reconnect to the present moment and realize all the tools needed for a better life are already available. God made no mistakes when he made you. Thank you Namaste
BodyScan and Breathwork Vision Meditation for Planning and Focus
This meditation is for planning, vision, and using the tools of breathing, body awareness, and relationship to space to help bring into focus what is either missing or reconnect to gratitude for having all needs met. This is a very private meditation. Do it as many times as you like. Thank you for joining our community.
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