Almost All Yoga Types & Combinations
Various Types of Meditation
Sound Bath Meditation
Mindful Based Stress Reduction and Adapted Versions
Cardio/Aerobics and SPIN
Breath Work
Program Consultation

MAP Curriculum - Mindful, Aware, and Present guide to learning adapted based stress reduction and teaching meditation to youth in schools.
M.A.P. 360 Work/Life Balance - For Freelancers, Entrepreneurs (Business Owners), Filmmakers, Creative and Tech Professional and Artist.
M.A.P. for Productive Workplaces - 8 week program to integrate mindfulness into the workplace.
Creative Mindz Yoga is a grassroots company providing fitness and meditation services tailored to the needs of group participants on-location. We help organizations meet their companies’ health goals with affordable, flexible packages. We are BID & proposal friendly, streamlining the process to meet short deadlines.
Instructors meet requirements mandated by grants, government, and facility. We understand Non-Profits experience different needs and meet various qualifications to adhere to fiscal years and budgets. We are flexible and do our best to accommodate different contract lengths.
Teachers are certified/licensed instructors who facilitate fitness classes for people of all ages and physical conditions.  Classes are crafted to fit into spaces safely and are designed to provide the best recreational activity possible.
Please do not hesitate to speak with us about your programs.
rochelle(@) creativemindzyoga.com
*Creative Mindz Yoga is located in the New York State and City database system as Fitness Yoga Works. We are waiting on the database to reflect our name change, though Creative Mindz Yoga the database attaches Creative Mindz Yoga to this profile and acknowledges our company as an MWBE.

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