Balance Between Professional Life and Personal Life for Entrepreneurs

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Every entrepreneur or business professional chasing their dream is going to find a point in their life when they are neglecting our personal life. Creative Mindz Yoga instructor and director Rochelle Leanne speaks on being mindful of when we are loosing balance in order to keep life in check. This is video two, video one will expired soon in periscope (unfortunately we are unable to save:( our media device died) but please enjoy and refer to the summary in this video which outlines major p...

Climate Change Sizzler Unnamed Documentary

This small recap of footage from The People's Climate March is just the beginning. We are putting together a feature length documentary. Each bit of the protesters knowledge with be covered further with in depth research as we uncover why making the changes necessary toward a better and cleaner environment are so challenging, what activities, products, and services have the most adverse impact the climate, the consequences of doing nothing and what individuals can do to promote sustainable livin...

Neural Listening

What happens when you pay attention to the habits of your mind? All functions in life such as energy levels, mood, physical performance, sleep cycle, weight, pain, and cognitive thinking are constantly affected by neurotransmitters communicating chemical messages to nerves in the mind and body. Biological and chemical changes influence foreign objects (food, drugs, chemicals) undergo metabolism and excretion when consumed. Neurotransmitters fire or inhibits firing based on how the foreign o...

Life Coach?

By Michael Townes Coaching is not about the coach having all of the answers, it is a partnership. Celebrities like Oprah, Hugh Jackman, and Eva Longoria have life coaches. Life coaching creates a safe and secure place, free of judgment, for an individual to be heard. A coach is an instrument, not an ego, in the peace and healing of others. Often, a free initial session is offered in order to get to know the client and see exactly what their needs are. Coaching is not about digging up the p...


Creative Mindz Yoga
Whether is a big city like Brooklyn, in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, or on a farm in an unknown land to the common man, you have a lifestyle, a budget, and a conscious mind that needs attention. We understand that healthy living can seem expensive.  Both money and time are spent, even in times when neither seem possible to contribute. Creative Mindz Yoga loves to encourage thinking outside the box! Hopefully, even provide a little humor here to enjoy:) Our lifestyle section promotes ...

#PeoplesClimate March Brings Out The Masses

We made history on Sunday September 21, 2014! #PeoplesClimate march brought out over 310,000 people from all over the world. New York was not alone, over 150 countries participated in the climate march, demanding that world leaders recognize our desire for change. According to USA Today "Major companies, including Big Oil, will make pledges to help fight global warming by cutting their heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, protecting the world's forests and reducing methane leakage from ...