Can You Handle The Fire


The benefits of homemade hot sauce are endless if you like spicy food!

You are welcome to use any hot peppers you feel you can handle. We suggest using New Mexico Green Chilies as their heat is not over bearing.

~3 New Mexico Green ChiliesHomemade Hot Sauce

~1/2 of a Red Pepper

~4-8 Dried Japanese Chili Pods

~1/2 Raw Onion



~1 Teaspoon of Organic Honey


 ~Turmeric (Optional)

Rinse peppers until all residue is removed. Gut and cut pepper into quarters. Refrigerate remaining pepper. Peel and cut onions. Place all peppers, onion, vinegar, water, honey, salt, and (optional) Turmeric into blender.

Blend until completely chopped but still chunky.

Place contents into an old jar. We used an old spaghetti sauce jar.


Use in everything from soups, salads, and taco’s to meat, beans, and vegetables.


So Yummy,


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