Prices vary and based on contract terms with facility.
Q: What are your rates? 
A: Rates vary based on contract length and number of classes provided each month. Non-Profit rates are available. Our rates are very affordable even for For-Profit entities. We are flexible and accessible!

Q: Do you offer different packages?
A: Yes. We offer a no-frills package with just class services, a mid level package with   social media and flyer materials, and an optimal package that includes a #RIPURMIND T-Shirt cutting on the last day of class for participants that attended most or all classes. Additionally, video services are available upon request. 

Q: Are you an MWBE?
A: Yes, on both a city and state level. 

Q: Who are some of your previous clients?
A: Some of our clients are listed below!
New Dawn Charter School
Gilda's Club
College of Mount Saint Vincent 
NYC Social
Safe Horizon (Staff and Clients)
The Department of Health
The Department Education
The Graham Windham (West Chester Residential Facility)
JASA Senior Center
Local Churches who participated the Department of Healths Faith Based Organization Initiative. 
Various Community Centers
Partner with various Fitness Studios

Q: Booking Cancelations Options?
A: Once a class is booked we will provide an opportunity to make up this class at no cost but you will still be charged for the booking. Classes must be made up in 3 months or they are deemed as forfeited. 

Q: Why the strict cancelation policy?
A: Instructors who are scheduled to teach depend on this income many times to sustain their livelihood. Part of our companies mission to help them achieve a sustainable living. Instructors are PAID for these days. This helps to retain them so we have low turnover and your instructor does not quit. Another part of our mission is to maintain consistent classes. Class cancelations result many times in students dropping out. Lastly, we can only securely book long term contracts knowing that class bookings over the course of the year will be honored, otherwise we are unable to provide consistent rates and services.

Q: This seems sort of fair, but I do not want to waste money! Things happen!
A: We schedule in advance for holidays and days/weeks that there will be no class in-between each semester and contract period. We do not charge for snow cancelations (when schools close, we close) or acts of God. All other class cancelations must be coordinated with Creative Mindz Yoga to make up. 

Q: What does our space have to look like for you to teach?
A: Just about any safe space will work. In tight spaces, chair yoga or meditation is most ideal. We do teach outside as well. The instructor or business manager will discuss any concerns with you. Our goal is to run a great safe class!

Q: Yoga is hard!
A: As long as you can breath, you can do Yoga! It is not standing on your head, though there are practitioners who do. It is a simple as uniting your breath with your arms while anchoring your breath to the present moment. 

Q: Can I cancel a contract?
A: Contracts can be cancelled in certain cases. A kill fee of 10 percent of the remaining contract will be billed to your fiscal department. The kill fee is triggered once the paperwork is processed by Human Resources or when the first physical class starts. Prior to class start dates or paperwork processing, you have 2 weeks to cancel without fees. Paperwork includes tax documents, official signatures by head decision makers, invoice submission i.e. Proposals and quotes do not constitute contract acceptance unless these are considered legally binding contractual agreements by your organization. 

Q: Can I book one class a month?
A: Absolutely!

Q: If I book a class and your instructor does not show up or cancels will I still be billed?
A: Absolutely NOT!

Q: Do I schedule with Creative Mindz Yoga or the assigned instructor to my site?
A: All scheduling is done with Creative Mindz Yoga. Miscommunications can occur about class times and schedules. Changes in the schedule are also out of their control, if they are not available for these changes, we will offer the opportunity to an instructor who is available to teach. Please contact the mobile studio directly 718-758-5170. We answer very quickly and can ease stress and tension that arise when changes occur. 

Q: I would like services at multiple sites with various points of contact, is there a fee for this?
A: We charge a facilitation administration fee for multiple sites with multiple points of contact. This fee is typically 7.5 percent of the total contract. One site with multiple classes does not incur any additional fees. Yes you can have 10 or more classes at one site with any additional fee!

Q: What is a facilitation fee?
This fee includes scheduling, paperwork, administrative duties that include but are not limited to invoicing, putting out fires, customer service, managing sub to cover gaps i.e.

Q: Do you create curriculum, if so what type?
A: We have curriculum available to implement meditation programs in schools. We have taken life experience and combined it with Mindful Based Stress Reduction techniques, interventions from the behavioral health field, and Yoga principles. We can create curriculum for programs within the scope of fitness, meditation, and our other devision, video production, particularly for documentary filmmaking.

Q: Do you provide private lessons? Like One on One?
A: We currently focus on groups and organizations but we are happy to help if we can or refer you to an instructor who does! In fact, all of instructors are independent contractors! Many teach private lessons and would be delighted to be referred to you. 

Q: Are you an agency?
A: No, we are a mobile fitness studio. Our class rates are affordable because we do not incur brick and mortar expenses. We provide services to people who may never visit a Yoga studio in their life.  There a beautiful feeling that happens when we help others access health and wellness services no matter where they are!
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