Every entrepreneur or business professional chasing their dream is going to find a point in their life when they are neglecting our personal life.
Creative Mindz Yoga instructor and director Rochelle Leanne speaks on being mindful of when we are loosing balance in order to keep life in check.
This is video two, video one will expired soon in periscope (unfortunately we are unable to save:( our media device died) but please enjoy and refer to the summary in this video which outlines major points like faith, confidence, and learning to say no.
Key Points:
Never let rejection discourage you from pursing your dream
Recognize your capabilities
Management - Good Boss Vs Bad Boss
Faithfulness trumps logic and over extending yourself
Using talented people to help grow your business
Health over wealth
Adding to the quality of another’s life
Meet Lindsay Stuart from Glam Expressway located at 145 Front Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201 
She explains the in's and out's of starting a business and successfully running a fashion boutique in the heart of DUMBO New York! 
She offers so many gems takeaways as an Entrepreneur, Mom, and Self Educated woman. Best of all she talks about self care! 
You are capable of everything you put your mind too! 
Video: www.mindzproductions.com
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