Sometimes our minds can get cluttered with thoughts or clouded with self judgment. It can be overwhelming! When the mind is filled with these thoughts that are not true it can stop us from thinking clearly. The impact of harmful self-judgment and criticism can vary from merely ruining our day to worse, triggering self harm behavior. The tool of mindfulness will help you put a pause in between those thoughts and what is true so you can take back your power!  You do not have to give into every thought or feeling. Sometimes thoughts and feelings are wrong. They only feel right because they come from inside us, but the truth is a lot of things can influence them including TV, music, stories we tell about our experiences, peer pressure, and self talk habits. There are many other factors too, so your thoughts cannot be your identity.

As you become more mindful you learn that Mindfulness comes from within. There is no right or wrong way to approach it. Think about an ocean. You are the ocean and the thoughts are the waves, stressors are waves, and feelings are waves which come and go but you are a full body of water. There is no right or wrong was for it to flow.

The meditations below will help you build a strong mindful practice. Even if it feels like you have no control in other parts of your life,  meditation is a powerful resource where you maintain 100 percent full control.  It is your body, mind, heart, and feelings that you learn to welcome and sort through. No one can take this from you! Additionally meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety, manage painful life moments, and find that ‘pause’ critical to making better decisions. As your meditation practice grows, you’ll notice that self-compassion is repeated a lot of times. Being kind and loving to yourself is essential to living a happy life. We hope you walk away getting a sense of feeling that you are ENOUGH, because you are! Whatever you bring to the table on a particular day is perfect for you.

The biggest mistake people make is waiting till something is wrong to practice meditation. Learning to develop mindfulness now starts today.

Before we begin, think about what you want to change in your life and what things and feelings would you like to let go of? After answering this question start with the short body scan meditation. Make notes on the calendars and journal worksheet provided to you.
If you prefer to use your own journal, focus on how you felt before, during, after, and upon reflection of the meditation.
Start there, use the curriculum your teachers provided you with to help you through each theme. You can jump ahead but expect to focus on each theme for at least a week to a month in your school or program.
Theme One
    Theme: Awareness

Awareness helps you reconnect to your senses and body. We learn the importance of focus and how setting an intention helps to cultivate a good attitude, particularly when we want to accomplish something.
Body Scan Meditation 5 Minutes
Body Scan Meditation 9 Minutes
BODY SCAN Meditation 12 MINUTE
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