We are in the process of changing our name from Creative Mindz Yoga to ExhilaFit® to reflect our brand in a more robust way!
ExhilaFit™ is a New York State and City certified Women Business Enterprise helping people access to wellness and fitness class programming. We are a business-to-business service, working with organizations to schedule a variety of classes for their consumer base.
What Makes Us Unique?
We assist in the creation of fitness and meditation programing while also managing the execution of great classes!
Whether, daily, weekly, monthly, or across multiple sites, we are capable of offering classes that exhilarate, invigorate, and energize all who attend!
Youth Programming, School, After-school, & Virtual
Senior Programming
Online Self Guided Courses ExhilaFit™ M.A.P. for Self, Youth, & Limited.
Fitness Consultation
Consulting and guidance for onsite programming in Business, Workplaces, Schools, Non-Profits, Government Organizations, Community Organizations, and More!
Consulting and guidance for teachers starting or expanding their fitness business to offer onsite services.
Virtual and On-Site!
Onsite Classes
Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Mindful Based Stress Reduction Meditation, Mat Pilates, HIIT, SPIN, and More!
Creative Mindz Yoga/ExhilaFit® M.A.P. (Mindful Aware Present) © Teacher Curriculum and Program
Online Courses Coming Soon!
Creative Mindz Yoga M.A.P. © Teacher – Part 1 & 2 with resources to implement program in school.
Creative Mindz Yoga M.A.P. © Youth – Part 2 Only with Resources.
ExhilaFit™ M.A.P. for Self – Limited
ExhilaFit™ M.A.P. for Self – Full
ExhilaFit™ Mindful Aware Present WorkPlace
Studio Coming Soon!
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