About Our company
Creative Mindz Yoga is a New York City and State Certified Women Business Enterprise offering mobile fitness, wellness, meditation curriculum, and meditation services to private groups, community organizations, and businesses throughout New York. We have an outstanding roster of expert teachers who care about students! We also offer a meditation program called M.A.P.. This program is used to both teach aspiring instructors to guide meditation classes in their classroom and/or provide a guided meditation service using the program guidelines to various groups of all ages. Support is provided beyond the M.A.P. classes with online meditations that are free to use daily.
We have excellent exercise options available to appeal to people of all ages and demographics. Classes are on-site in almost any setting.  Services are not limited to colleges, universities, the government agencies, hospitals, schools, community centers, churches, businesses, senior centers, and more. Classes are a perfect fit for people who find it difficult to commute to a gym.  Plus, 'staying close to home' can boost consistent participation.
We structure contract packages to meet the needs of each unique client. Class price points are economical, accessible and we can fully run classes at multiple sites at one time. We can logistically manage any where from one to 300 classes per organization. No class or workshop is too small. We do our best to accommodate all scheduling request. Our goal is for our organization to blend programming already implemented by your organization.
Creative Mindz Yoga manages all managerial tasks related to Human Resource Management and substitute teacher coverage. We aim to prevent class gaps because slight disruptions affect attendance and program success. We partner directly with leaders and supervisors from your organization to run wellness and fitness class programing. You direct the ship we steer the wheel. Essentially this is what we are about; bringing great 'mindz' together creatively around fitness, wellness, and meditation! Our mission is to promote self-discovery, smiles, & inner peace by thinking outside the ideal methods of fitness, wellness and meditation classes!
(e) rochelle (@) creativemindzyoga.com for more information.  
(p) 718-758-5170