Joe Fedele

Yoga found Joe after going through chemo-therapy for non-hodgkins lymphoma. As a lifelong athlete,  Joe began practicing to regain balance and to counter my strength and weight training. He was nervous at first since he didn't look like a typical yoga student and couldn't touch his toes. After his first practice he was hooked.  He aims to help every person be comfortable in their body and happy with where they are on the mat. Joe finds yoga as a relief for the pace and stress of the city and bri...

Churches Offering Free Yoga and Aerobics to the Community

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In Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Department of Health, Churches, and Creative Mindz Yoga are teaming up for the next few months to provide Yoga and Aerobics classes to various Church sites in Brooklyn and New York.  The community is welcome to participate in classes at NO Cost!  Classes run from the end of March 2017 till June 30th, 2017!   For more information or attend please email the coordinator of the church listed.   Sites for no cost Yoga and Aerobics listed below:  ...