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Creative Feminine Self The feminine mind is extraordinary, so much so we felt a separate page dedicated to just girl and women health is essential. Our mission is to take a balanced look at health as it relates to women and young girls. Lets face it, feminine body is beautiful but our packaging comes with different instructions. We are pro spirituality, so this site is for those who are not afraid to think out the box or at least not offended that we do! To provide an honest experie...

Male Mindz

The male mind and body have different needs and therefore require specific information to address these needs. Longevity, being productive, and caring for loved ones is essential to the male experience. Certain health practices and issues are related to only men and boys. We recognize that sometimes male issues get overlooked which can lead to half the world's population being mis-informed or even sometimes being left out. Male's have concerns about health, appearance, and life too! Females...

Turmeric, It May Be the Next Step

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Turmeric spice originated in southeast India dating back to 3000 B.C., in the past few decades the use of turmeric has spread internationally. Turmeric is known as the golden spice to India.  As a spice that adds great flavor to Indian cuisine, it additionally provides amazing health benefits which villagers, Ayurvedic practitioners, and Yogis have been using for thousands of years.  Only until recently has western science begun to take interest in understanding turmeric’s multiple benefits, pro...

Summer Yoga @ Prospect Park

Summer Yoga @ Prospect Park What are you doing this Saturday? Why not start a potentially, very productive and relaxing Saturday Morning off on the good foot?   Every Saturday morning from 8 am to 9 am come join us for some outdoor Yoga at Prospect Park.  We meet at 7:45 right off the Q train's Prospect Park stop on Lincoln and Ocean Avenue. Classes are running now.   Please click here to register.    

This Is My Experience – David

Creative Mindz Yoga
5/5 stars January 30, 2014 - Creative Mindz Yoga Fitness Instructor's Review I always enjoy doing Rochelle's Fitness Yoga Classes; Rochelle is very uplifting, motivational, encouraging and always makes me feel comfortable every time we have a session. I couldn't ask anything or anyone better. Besides the Yoga classes, she has been very helpful with advice in improving different aspects of my business. Thank you much! David G.

Healthy, Happy Diet… So Cliche

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Dear Mindz Readers, Many of us both young and old, male or female, have decided at one point or another it was time to make a change in our diets. Although some people practice this in attempt to improve conditions of health, sleep, energy, etc., the common motivation as we all know is weight loss. A lot of the time, weight loss is approached in dangerous and noneffective ways in order to achieve rapid results. We've all heard of diets that work and the minute they are done the extra weight ...

Not Designed With One Human In Mind

Creative Mindz Yoga offers a unique perspective on health, wellness, and staying fit!!! We invite people to #ThinkOutsideTheBox when it comes to staying healthy. We believe everyone can successfully develop their own Yoga practice. By empowering and challenging students, our uniquely mixed classes become a unique chamber of self exploration, relaxation, and achievement.  Everyone walks away ready to conquer the world! We are a mobile when it comes to helping our clients engage in services pro...