Life Coach?

By Michael Townes

Coaching is not about the coach having all of the answers, it is a partnership. Celebrities like Oprah, Hugh Jackman, and Eva Longoria have life coaches. Life coaching creates a safe and secure place, free of judgment, for an individual to be heard. A coach is an instrument, not an ego, in the peace and healing of others.

Often, a free initial session is offered in order to get to know the client and see exactly what their needs are. Coaching is not about digging up the pas, it is about moving forward and assisting the client to make new choices and create action plans to usher in a new brighter, healthier, more fulfilling future.

Coaching is fun, motivating and transformational. Some people just want to feel heard and a coaching session provides that platform. Coaches help overcome issues with increased self-esteem and confidence dealing with change, relationship and mental and emotional blockages. Limits start with addressing thoughts that form self-defeating beliefs, so by changing our thoughts with the help of a coach, we can ultimately change our beliefs, which will in turn transform our life.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICC) coaching brings fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhances decision-making skills, increases confidence- 70 percent of people improve their work performance, 61 percent improve their business management, 57 percent improve their time management and 51 percent improve their effectiveness working with a team. Also, 80 percent of people improve their self-confidence, 73 percent improve their relationships, 72 percent improve their communication and 67 percent improved life/work balance.

Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes, and 86 percent of people that hire a coach see a return on their investment in some shape or form. Additionally, 99 percent of people that hire a coach fall in the category of being somewhat to very satisfied by what they have taken away from the process, and 96 percent of them would repeat the process.


Michael Townes is owner of Eliminate Your Limits, offering personal and professional life coaching. Call 201-284-9246 for information


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Michael Townes
Michael Townes is owner of Eliminate Your Limits, offering personal and professional life coaching.
Michael Townes

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